One of the clear outcomes of the pandemic has been the move to online shopping. Whilst we can speculate on the impacts on how this has influenced fashion shopping, we wanted hard facts.

We surveyed 2,000+ UK consumers to find out how much was bought online, what and how new habits had been formed, and what fashion shoppers were demanding from their experiences.

Bringing together the technical, strategic and experiential skills of Wunderman Thompson Commerce, Attraqt and commercetools, we laid out the key trends, what fashion brands and retailers need to consider, and how they can address any areas of weakness.

Fashion is transitioning online, and it's not just a fad

In a post-pandemic world, retailers will need to embrace the fact that having a flexible, agile and future-proof solution is critical to ensuring they remain relevant to their customers. Consumer expectations are now at the highest level, and fashion places a heavy burden on retailers to remain at the forefront of new trends and technologies. And this front is increasingly being fought digitally as our new data show.

We set out to fully understand what today's fashion consumers expect from retailers and brands, both online and in-store, and provide guidance on how your business can give consumers today and tomorrow what they want.

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