A new food tech startup, Motif Ingredients, is making plant-based proteins accessible by engineering yeasts and bacteria in a fermentation process to produce foods like egg, milk and meat, via Fast Company.

The BBC gets the perspective from a 28-year-old explaining ‘millennial burnout’ and why 74% of UK millennials are feeling overwhelmingly stressed out.

Is tiredness the new cultural currency? Well + Good unpacks a sleep survey, revealing 92% of respondents feel chronically fatigued throughout the week and 23% say they regularly lack sleep.

Julius Caesar’s assassination in the historic city center in Rome will become a tourist spot in 2021, over 2000 years after his death. This among many other restoration projects hopes to see tourism in the city grow, via Conde Nast Traveler.

Mac Cosmetics has launched an in-store interactive experience center in Shanghai merging online and offline experiences. The project came about after observing Gen Z’s makeup commerce behaviors, shares Jing Daily.

Meanwhile, Avon is putting its efforts in building an in-house content studio due to launch in March, writes Glossy.

A self-cleaning hotel room just opened in Copenhagen. The Hotel Ottilia has a high-tech room which disinfects itself every morning, via Bloomberg.

From millennial burnout to spiritual burnout, ID explores what it’s like to experience “spiritual overload”.

The wellness economy has touched every lifestyle category, but beauty is missing out and needs to jump on board the multi-billion dollar industry, shares the Business of Fashion.

Skift examines ways luxury hotels can remain human with the assistance of technology.

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