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Futures 2020

Our guide to the commerce future, to help you plan yours.



There is nowhere experiencing change quite as sharply as commerce

We stand at the intersection of rising customer expectations, digitisation, data mastery, increases in artificial intelligence, cloud computing... all of this is in a world turned upside down, reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. This makes it doubly difficult for organizations and their leaders to think, let alone plan, for the future.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s aim has always been to be a beacon of information and data for our clients in these constantly evolving times; to show with clarity what they should be thinking about, acting on, and strategically planning for. Straddling systems integration, customer experience, digital intelligence and managed services, no one is better placed to do this. To achieve these insights, we conduct our own research, which includes “The Future Shopper”, “Generation Alpha” and “Ready or Not? The Digital Commerce Leader” to give us deep insight into customer and business behaviors.

Not your average trends guide

“Futures” is different. Now in its fourth year, its aim is to use our data as the springboard for predicting some of the longer and more “leftfield” trends that we believe the commerce industry will experience. Some require action right now. Some we just want you to be aware of. Some you might not believe will actually happen. But all of them, in our opinion, will have an impact on the way commerce is done, and what customers will experience in the future.

Futures 2020

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