–The updated Google Lens uses AI to help users understand their environment in real time, from asking “What dog is that?” to “What is that building called?”, writes The Verge.

–Apple is teaching India’s young coders how to win at the App Store, shares Bloomberg.

–Dubai is the first city in the world with a theme song composed by artificial intelligence, announces Gulf News.

–Instagram has launched a new polling format which lets users answer questions by moving an emoji on a sliding scale, explains Engadget.

–A startup called Transit X aims to solve rush-hour traffic by creating automated, solar-powered transit pods that let people commute above ground. Fast Company investigates.

–Facebook is about to introduce an online dating service, shares the New York Times.

–Investing in sustainability pays off, with Unilever’s sustainable brands showing 46% more growth than others in its portfolio, says The Drum.

–Ford has created a smart window that lets blind people experience the view through haptic vibrations, explains Dezeen.

–Ticketmaster is looking to use facial recognition, instead of tickets, to identify guests, reports the Wall Street Journal.

–A new hotel brand called OMO aims to meet a gap in Japan’s hotel industry by creating affordable hotels that are still stylish and well designed, writes Condé Nast Traveler.

–Google Assistant can now make phone calls for you, with a more natural update to its automated voice, explains BBC.

–MIT researchers have created an “system for dream control” which claims to lengthen, influence, and record lucid dreams. VICE explores.

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