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Headless, Microservices & the Future of Platforms

The Leading Tech in an Age when most Commerce Platforms not 'fit for purpose'


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  • Hugh Fletcher, Head of Thought Leadership (EMEA)

From Monoliths to Microservices

Our new report, Headless, Microservices and the Future of Commerce Platforms, focuses on the new technologies that are reinvigorating businesses as they ramp up their eCommerce operations today and in the future.

From monoliths to Microservices, the report draws on new research to present a fresh perspective on Headless, Microservices, API-first and Cloud-native technologies, and whether and how businesses should be approaching them. We found, for instance, that more than half IT and digital leaders (57%) conceded that their current platforms would not be “fit for purpose” in 12 months, with an average time of 7.4 months for adoption of the new technologies to plug the gap.

The research was undertaken as the impacts of Covid-19 began to hit hard, pressuring organisations to strengthen their eCommerce operations fast. It also draws on WT Commerce’s 30+ year experience in developing commerce platforms and the thinking of our senior tech leaders.

Covid-19 has turbocharged the need for businesses to strengthen their ecomm operations, and they're focusing on 4 technologies

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