Snacks are becoming an increasingly vital part of consumer’s everyday health. According to Mondelez’s 2020 “State of Snacking” report, published in November 2020, almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers are now more aware of the snacks their bodies need, and over half (56%) of people are turning to immune-boosting snacks to improve their health. Tapping into this growing area, brands are launching new products that contain immunity enhancing ingredients.

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Nature's Garden

Expanding their Nature’s Garden range, US-based Cibo Vita launched Probiotic Immune Booster and Probiotic Mega Immune Mix in February. With vitamins C, D and zinc as well as probiotics, these snacks were created to help the body increase its natural defenses. Avida Health is also adding probiotics and a range of other immune-boosting ingredients to their snacks. The Singaporean company launched their chocolate balls for immune health in April last year. The balls contain Avida Health’s proprietary ingredient, Mushroom GuardTM, which is formulated using six types of mushrooms to better regulate immune function.

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In the UK, Perkier launched their new line of +Immune plant-based bars and porridge pots in October 2020. Hailed as a UK-first, the +Immune products contain 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins C, D and B12, and specifically claim to help the body fight off respiratory infections like COVID-19.

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Immune-boosting cappuccino. Images courtesy of Casper
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Stepping well outside their category, Casper, the mattress company, is also exploring the immune-boosting snack space. Joining up with US-based coffee company Bluestone Lane and herbal wellness brand Mab and Stoke, they created an immune-boosting cappuccino in March. The limited-edition drink—released just after daylight savings went into effect—was designed to help customers combat the negative health effects of losing an hour of sleep and strengthen the immune system, using natural ingredients like astragalus, ginger, elderberry, and pomegranate.

With an increased focus on personal health and immunity (see trend #81 Immunity wellness in “The Future 100: 2021“), snacking is being repositioned as an easy way to boost the body’s natural defenses against illness.

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