White, heteronormative and ableist standards of beauty are crumbling. Everyone, no matter their appearance, identity or ability is entitled to feel attractive and AI solutions are making beauty products and services accessible to all.

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One brand is harnessing AI to encourage retailers in the skin care, hair care and body care markets to diversify their offerings. Skin Match offer various software solutions, but their Shade Finder simplifies finding the correct shade of foundation or concealer for all skin tones. Designed with convenience in mind, customers only need to answer the Skin Match beauty quiz once, their preferences can then be applied to the inventory of any brand that uses Skin Match technology.

“Our shade finder AI recognizes 112 skin tones—most foundations only offer up to 40 shades. Once brands learn that our AI spans across this many shades, it plants a seed for more diverse offerings,” Shauneez Rigney, content manager of Skin Match Technology, tells Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. “This is how Skin Match cultivates diversity: by bridging the gap and easing communication between what consumers are looking for and what brands may be falling short on.”

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Elsewhere, AI is highlighting that one size does not fit all, while empowering people to love and care for their hair. Launched in March 2022, the AI Haircare Advisor by Revieve uses patented mobile selfie diagnostics technology to provide insights about hair type, curl pattern, volume, thickness, and color. Different hair types represent individual needs, so Revieve works to educate and advise users on optimal care routines and offer personalised styling recommendations.

To combat gender and race inequities in AI, inclusivity-focused beauty brand Olay is partnering with Algorithmic Justice League founder Joy Buolamwini to triple the number of Women of Color in STEM by 2030. Through the “Decode the Bias” campaign, Olay will assess its Olay Skin Advisor tool for bias, and is also working with the nonprofit Black Girls Code.

There is no more ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to beauty. For brands in the beauty industry, the goal is clear: everyone must be welcome. This means not just broad-based inclusive representation but also proper provision of products and services for all audiences. As artificial intelligence integrates itself in consumers’ lives there is a real opportunity for brands to deliver targeted products, services, and treatments to all.

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