Witchcraft and Black beauty. Sex after 70 and female ganjapreneurs. Ethical lingerie and solo travel. These are among the shifts highlighted in Women, Next, the latest trend report from the Innovation Group.

Women, Next examines female consumers through nine lenses, including “Women & Sex,” “Women, The Body & Beauty,” “The Next Billion” and more, offering a road map for brands that want to be clued in.

The full-length report can be purchased here, and a free, executive summary version featuring sample content is available for download here:


Twice the length of our usual trend reports and packed with insights, Women, Next confronts a popular critique from female consumers who say brands have not adjusted their messaging to accommodate the more modern and diverse experiences of women today.

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Naja, Nude for All. Founded by Catalina Girald
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Lonely Label. New Zealand
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Highlights of original findings from the report include:

–Among women without children, 84% of gen X women say they are happy without children, and 86% of gen X women say that if they ultimately do not have children, they’re okay with that
–52% say they worry about how women are depicted in adult-themed content/pornography, and 63% say they would watch more of this content if it were more female-friendly
82% of gen Z girls say that girls their age are encouraged to be perfect more than boys, and 47% say they are less encouraged to be vocal about their opinions
–28% of millennials, and 27% of boomers, expect to remain sexually active into their 80s or 90s

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Advanced Style
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Bolder Women. Photography by Helen Cathcart

Insights in “Women, Next” are supported by original data from a July 2016 study conducted by J. Walter Thompson’s research unit SONAR™ that surveyed 1,300 female consumers, age 12+ in the United States. With this SONAR™ data and other data points from global research centers, the report explores how trends in female consumer behavior today act as key indicators of where female consumers are heading, what they will care about in the years ahead and how brands can anticipate their evolving needs.

The final chapter of the report offers a global view of the female consumer and leans on data from J. Walter Thompson’s “Women’s Index,” a research study conducted in November 2015 that surveyed 4,369 female consumers, age 18 and older in nine global markets: United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, China, Russia, India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

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