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Wunderman Thompson Apps Launches Official Product Growth Practice

Working across disciplines to foster growth throughout the lifecycle of your product


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  • Brad Gagne, VP, App Analytics

Wunderman Thompson Apps Growth Practice aims to maximize the value of your native applications from customer acquisition to long-term retention. Our cross-disciplinary approach brings together our creative, data, technology, and strategy leads to ensure the best possible outcomes.

After nearly a decade of building some of the most widely used apps in the stores, we’ve learned a great deal about maximizing value across the entire product lifecycle. Three of the key benchmarks that our growth practice focuses on are acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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When it comes to acquiring new customers, discoverability is the key. While paid acquisition campaigns add fuel to the fire, we’ve mastered organic techniques that ensure maximum visibility in search, app store rankings, social media, and more. For instance, our App Store indexing practices continually bring more visitors to our customers’ store listings, while the listing page copy, imagery, and video we create converts more of these visits into installs. In addition, our technology team leverages recent advancements in App Clips and Instant Apps that break down the barriers involved with installing an app, while taking advantage of a growing number of contextual discovery methods. And finally, a number of build add-ons, such as in-app sharing mechanisms and custom ratings prompts will further maximize digital ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising.


The first time your app is launched by a user is a pivotal moment. In order to inspire ongoing engagement, the app needs to mitigate ambiguity and prove its value as quickly as possible. Our on-boarding videos for first launch experiences quickly demonstrate key features, content locations and complex processes. As users become more comfortable with the experience, we strategically request permissions, allowing us to collect a rich set of data from which to personalize in-app experiences, and ongoing customer communication. Our partnerships with best-in-class customer data platforms, as well as our deep experience with vendor integrations, have given us the expertise to help you maximize marcom vendor investments.

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