Katie Sturino is best known as the blogger behind The 12ish Style and momager to much-loved and much-missed celebrity dog the late Toast, @toastmeetsworld. A body-positive icon, Sturino is all about celebrating style at any size. With her addictive Instagram series #supersizethelook, Sturino recreates iconic celebrity fashions, proving that looking cool has absolutely nothing to do with being a size 2.

Constantly on a mission to smash taboos and uplift women, Sturino has hatched Megababe, a line of beauty products designed to combat boob sweat and thigh chafe in a way that’s super-cute, well-branded, and free of stigma and shame. Below, Sturino explains the need for solution-based beauty products—and tells us why boob sweat is a legit problem.

How did the idea for Megababe first pop into your head?

After my 10,000th application of a very uncute men’s product to my thighs, I asked myself why I had to pull this gross and embarrassing anti-chafe stick out of my bag to stop thigh chafe. When I went to look for alternatives, the only thing I could find were brands targeting runners. Why wasn’t there anything out there for a girl who wants to walk to work in a skirt and not get blisters on her thighs? And there it was… Megababe!

JWT Megababe products
Megababe products

What distinguishes Megababe from other anti-chafe and anti-sweat products on the market?

Megababe is acknowledging some common problems that women experience by taking the shame out of them and offering a cute solution that works. These problems have been ignored by mainstream beauty brands, though beauty industry offers a zillion different face creams and other solution-based products for skin and hair. The only products on the market have more of a medicinal focus or are completely targeted at men. Megababe is the only one out there saying, “Hey! This isn’t a niche problem. It’s not just you. You are a babe and we can solve this for you!”

Megababe is about more than just the battle against boob sweat, right? It’s about smashing taboos and celebrating the perfect-imperfection of women, too.

The thigh-gap concept being celebrated in the fashion industry and in Hollywood has created a misconception that your thighs touching somehow means that you are less than perfect. However, thigh chafe has nothing to do with being overweight or unhealthy. Megababe is all about finding solutions for problems that women have been shamed about for years. We want to break those taboos and let women know they are not the only one with these issues. While some people might find our concept cheeky, it’s really far from a gimmick. We are not trying to change you. We are not trying to get rid of your cellulite or make you lose weight. We are just tapping into the reality of some of your daily discomfort and solving that.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced while getting Megababe up and running?

Convincing people that there is a need for these products in the market and that this is not a niche category.

You’re a fierce advocate for beauty and style at every size—how is Megababe an extension of this?

Media and society have been teaching women to doubt themselves and hate their bodies for years. I am trying help women unlearn these messages and accept themselves for who they are without being ashamed. These products are an extension of my blog work because we are encouraging women not to get hung up on problems they have felt shameful about in the past.

You’re part of a new wave of beauty entrepreneurs focused on solving the very real problems that women have suffered quietly for years. What has made space for brands like yours?

I think there is finally space for a brand like Megababe to come in because women are forcing the conversation about what it means to be a women. We are unlearning these old lessons of “perfection.” We are done pretending that any of the natural problems that we have as women are actually abnormal. We are done suffering in silence on so many issues right now, the smallest of which is thigh chafe.

What does being a Megababe mean to you?

Megababes accept themselves as they are. They celebrate what makes them different. They lift up other women.

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