Latinx skincare and beauty brands are being sold at major retailers with products rooted in Latin American tradition. Adjacent to other culture-centered offerings including K- and J-beauty, L-beauty brands are honing in on heritage for culturally driven consumers.

WEB Nopalera Mercado Bag

In September 2021, Nordstrom announced the addition of Latinx-founded brand sales at beauty counters. Stores now carry Latinx brands including heritage-focused brand Nopalera, Costa Brazil and Vamigas. Nopalera’s founder, Sandra Velasquez, aims to create “a high-end, really overtly-branded Mexican brand” and believes that as a Mexican woman, “we should have products on shelves that reflect us, and we should also be the owners of those businesses.”

Sandra Velasquez, founder of Nopalera

Joaquina Botánica is another brand included in Nordstrom’s updated offering. Founded by Giovanna Campagna, the luxurious beauty collection builds on Latin American traditions and stems from her experience working with Vogue, W magazine, and Latin American fashion designers. She told Glossy that her goal products will blend science-backed beauty with traditional elements.

Latinx hair brand Ceremonia announced $2 million in seed funding from top DTC investors in May of this year. The brand’s founder, Babba Rivera, is focusing on building momentum for the brand by expanding their beauty product offering. Rivera credits Ceremonia’s growth to their online community of 150 “insiders” providing crowdsourced feedback and consumer polls on Instagram, where the brand has over 28,000 followers. Their diverse community of influencers and consumers has helped the brand “really blur[ring] the lines between commerce and community,” Rivera said in a Glossy interview.

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L-beauty is growing and continues to hit major retail shelves, expanding a culture-centered and science-backed product offering across mainstream beauty counters and reaching broader audiences.

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