–Airbnb’s latest rental is a LEGO House in Denmark. Visitors can order BRICKfast in bed from robot waiters, engineer robotic cars and “fall asleep surrounded by 25 million bricks.” Via AdWeek.

–WeWork is opening an elementary school to teach kids how to launch their own businesses, writes Quartz.

–Cheese tea is the latest beverage trend spreading through China and the US, reports Bon Appetit.

–Farming is going underwater, as submarine greenhouses in Italy are indicating another way to grow crops. Via The Memo.

–The New York Times explores the new generation of millennial parents and how “Google is the new grandparent.”

–Whole Foods predicts that mushroom coffee, jackfruit, and banana milk will be among the top food trends of 2018. Via Vice.

–“Would you eat food prepared by someone who is HIV positive?” A new restaurant in Toronto is tackling AIDS and food-prep stigma, shares AdWeek.

–The newly-launched Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first museum to explain the Arab world through art history, explains The Economist.

–UberEats is letting customers order from “virtual restaurants,” by partnering with existing restaurants that have the ingredients to make in-demand food that isn’t available elsewhere. Via Mashable.

–Ford created a trucker’s hat that senses head motions to warn drivers when they’re falling asleep at the wheel, writes Engadget.

–Ikea’s innovation lab SPACE10 launched a survey asking 12,000 people about their AI gender preferences and expectations. Via Co. Design.

–Uber and NASA are teaming up to develop flying taxis, shares The Independent.

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