The metaverse is facilitating deep and meaningful connections. According to our Into the Metaverse report, 83% of global consumers believe that technology brings people together and, in China, 84% say that technology has deepened their relationships with friends and family. Dating apps and connection platforms are looking to the metaverse as the next place to find and celebrate love.

WEB Explore multi 2
Tinder Explore feature

Tinder wants to help singles meet in the metaverse, and is building out their app to create an immersive dating ecosystem. Announced in November, the app’s “Explore” section will soon include live experiences and a virtual goods-based economy, where users can pay to participate in using Tinder’s new in-app currency, Tinder Coins. Tinder’s long term goals for the Explore section have evolved to meet the changing dating market, as singles continue to connect online when pandemic restrictions prevent in-person meetups. Match Group CEO Shar Dubey told investors the virtual goods will “help users with both self-expression as well as the ability to stand out” and will be “something users will be able to collect, as well as give and gift to others.”

WEB Wedding Day Floor View
The Gagnon wedding hosted on Virbela, courtesy of Virbela

Virtual love doesn’t end in dating apps anymore: now, interested parties can get married in the metaverse. The New York Times reported several weddings hosted by digital platforms specializing in virtual events. One couple, married on Labor Day Weekend this year, held a ceremony on virtual work and event platform Virbela. An avatar walked the bride down the aisle, another avatar toasted the happy couple, and twin avatars, just 7 years old, served as ring bearer and flower girl. The ceremony was joined by other friends and family, all as virtual avatars, all immersed in the live reception.

WEB Stage View during cocktail hour
The Gagnon wedding hosted on Virbela, courtesy of Virbela

Another platform, called Allseated, is creating virtual versions of popular event spaces for future metaverse nuptials. Sandy Hammer, a founder of the company, sees no limits to the possibilities of virtual weddings. “A bride can transport her guests into the metaverse: ‘I want my morning session to be in Italy, my evening session to be in Paris,’” she told The New York Times.

The metaverse is evolving into a place to find and foster true connections thanks to emerging platforms that support intimate ceremonies and communication.

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