–Hermès is reinventing the trip to the laundromat with a series of popups celebrating the 80th anniversary of its famed silk scarves. Via WhoWhatWear.

–China’s growing middle class its upping its spending on travel and amenities—and often opting for getaways within the country. Via the New York Times.

–Today’s rock stars? Instagram’s fitness buffs are commanding thousand-person tours at arenas across the country. Via Well + Good.

–A sportswear brand responds to a sexist GQ fashion spread with a photo shoot of its own. Via The Dyrt.

–The Philadelphia 76ers are America’s first professional league to acquire an e-sports team, following the example of European soccer clubs. Via The Verge.

Survivor‘s latest season pits millennials against generation X, “milking stereotypes about those age groups for all they are worth,” writes Slate.

–Get ready for boomer cruises: the UK’s 50+ population has increased its travel spending by 25%, while those under 50 have cut it by 5%, the BBC writes.

–Rihanna debuted her Fenty show for German sportswear giant Puma at Paris Fashion Week, imagining clothes for “if Marie Antoinette went to the gym.” Via the New York Times.

–A handful of Internet giants are pushing for a one-click payment system that’s standard and secure, with the potential to make online shopping completely frictionless, the New York Times writes.

–Behind the scenes, Amazon is quietly building out its own shipping network that may replace FedEx and UPS, reports Business Insider.

–For eBay’s 21st birthday, celebrate with a slew of retail data from its UK marketplace. Via eBay.

–In late 2018, West Elm will open its first hotels, joining a small handful of retailers experimenting in the boutique hospitality space. Via the Wall Street Journal.

–Rapt, a new photo studio in LA, is exclusively designed for the Instagram photographer. Via Dezeen.

–Croatia’s laid-back Obonjam festival, centered on wellness and yoga, marks a shift in Europe’s festival culture, the Financial Times writes.

–Although the internet has been a boon for liberating women’s sexual lives, it’s also led to a porn industry that’s conservative and difficult to control. Via the New Yorker.

–Are children the next market for athletic tech? Garmin’s latest offering is a fitness tracker for kids. Via the Verge.

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