In Japan, where a close shave is still a necessity for salarymen, Panasonic is trying to elevate the daily ritual with a pop-up store in the trendy Omotesando shopping district of Tokyo.

At the two-story street-facing Lamdash Lounge in Omotesando, with its red leather barber chairs and wood paneling, customers can try out limited edition versions of Panasonic’s high-end Lamdash ES-XLV9C electric shaver. Upstairs is a bar where female bartenders in white suits and white gloves serve rum cocktails. A photographer is on hand to snap a photo of the freshly-shaved customer enjoying a cocktail in a leather armchair.

“We want to change the shavers’ image from a daily use commodity to a luxury good” and encourage customers to derive pleasure from shaving time, said a Panasonic spokesperson.

This is the latest in a wider Asian trend of self-pampering products for the home, which in recent years has boosted sales of everything from massage chairs to face steamers for a home spa experience.

Lamdash cocktail bar

The five-blade Lamdash shavers come with teak, rosewood, mahogany, burlwood and walnut handles. 700 of each type are available, for a total of 3,500 in the limited edition. They are priced at ¥80,000 yen each before taxes. (The regular versions retail for ¥50,000 yen before taxes.)

The Japanese market for razors and shavers is mature and highly competitive. Schick dominates the ¥49.3 billion ($436 million) men’s wet shavers market, followed by Procter and Gamble’s Gillette, according to Euromonitor. The market for dry shavers is smaller at ¥27.2 billion, and Panasonic leads in this space, where it competes with Braun and Philips.

The pop-up store is open Thursdays to Sundays until Oct 29.

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