–Imitation towns are being developed to accommodate an aging population. The spaces, which recreate life in the 1950s, use ‘reminiscence therapy’ to encourage Alzheimer patients to talk about their life experiences. The Atlantic explores.

–Chinese women are “fueling a fertility tourism industry” around the world, going abroad to receive in-vitro fertilization, egg freezing and other services that are not always available in China, writes Bloomberg.

–This year’s London Fashion Week featured an installation called Chubby Cloud, which created “the world’s largest beanbag…for visitors to relax and recuperate” and participate in a guided meditation, shares The Current Daily.

–The ‘dumb phone’ gets a sophisticated rebrand with Punkt MP02, which is designed for digital balancing rather than digital detoxing, announces Wallpaper.

Vox profiles ‘the homebody economy’ that is developing in response to millennials’ propensity to stay in.

–Chinese millennials are using ‘black tech’ devices in their skincare routines, from a radio frequency facial roller that heats the skin to prevent wrinkles to a massage booster that firms skin by delivering 7,000 micro-magnetic pulses per minute. Via Jing Daily.

–The gaming platform Roblox “has turned its tween audience into an army of fresh-faced entrepreneurs” with an incubator program that helps young developers create games and earn profits, explains Forbes.

–Jo Malone has introduced a fragrance quiz that allows customers to digitally create customized fragrances via Alibaba’s Tmall e-commerce platform to attract Gen Z Chinese consumers, describes Glossy.

–Ro, an erectile dysfunction startup, is branching out into a new area of health and offering a Quit Kit to help users quit smoking. Via Engadget.

–SPACE10, IKEA’s innovation lab, has launched seven autonomous vehicle concepts that imagine the future of transportation with cars that double as workspaces, doctor’s offices, hotels and even farms. Via Designboom.

–Singapore’s Changi Airport has dedicated a terminal to “test and develop automation,” from smart towers that monitor aircrafts to robots that handle luggage. Bloomberg explores.

–Skincare brands are turning to Amazon to exclusively release their products, with L’Oréal’s new collection debuting on Amazon and other e-commerce sites before moving to brick and mortar, says WWD.

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