As creativity becomes unbounded, brands are transporting consumers to other worlds—challenging us to broaden our notion of reality.

The New York Times reported a rising “Multiverse chic” trend among 2023 runway shows, pointing to Paco Rabanne and Noir Kei Ninomiya’s Fall 2023 collections. Paco Rabanne’s March 2023 show referenced the designer’s dream of a “creative utopia, which pushed the frontiers of reality.”

Kei Ninomiya’s Fall 2023 ready-to-wear collection is “an exploration of a new dimension,” the designer said. The Business of Fashion called it “ultradimensional fantasia,” while The New York Times said of the show: “Kei Ninomiya flew us way past the moon, into — well, who knows? A place where women were transformed into magical dandelions, bristling iridescent fronds that vibrated around a riotous core of color; or where whole gardens bloomed over the body; or a lunar rock became the perfect hat and a skirt was made from a vortex of aluminum.”

Acura Electric New World Same Energy

In January 2023, Acura invited consumers to reality-hop with its “New World. Same Energy” campaign, which takes viewers “on a journey across the Acura multiverse,” the brand said. The spot imagines Acura vehicles being driven through a multiverse of parallel worlds and alternate realities, from a futuristic digital metropolis to a Stepford-esque suburbia to an intergalactic planet.

Coca-Cola’s Creations platform, launched in 2022, “aims to surprise, delight, and engage global audiences through magical and unexpected tastes, moments, and collaborations.” The inaugural product, the outer-space themed beverage Starlight, was described as a taste “reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space.” Subsequent products have included Byte and Dreamworld that, in place of standard flavor descriptions, are said to taste like pixels and dreams respectively. Coca-Cola trademark president Selman Careaga told the Drum these Creations products received twice the engagement of any other program in 2022.

The Intelligence take

The Into the Multiverse trend that Wunderman Thompson Intelligence reported in “The Future 100: 2020” first explored the idea that consumers, tired of the mundanity of modern life, are seeking portals of escapism and adventure that offer a glimpse of a more captivating and engaging reality. Brands are now using this insight as a springboard to reach new creative heights and spark wonder among consumers.

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