In the future, ageless living will become the norm for all of us, as continuing advances in longevity make extended healthy lives a reality. The women of the Elastic Generation are at the vanguard of this change, which is creating possibilities for brands to better meet their needs and support their ambitions.

Elastic Generation: The Female Edit, the newest report from The Innovation Group, is a follow-up to our 2015 report, which turned the spotlight on a much misunderstood group of people in their 50s and 60s (otherwise known as baby boomers) that we believed merited greater attention from brands. Increased longevity and unprecedented financial influence combined with a refusal to grow old the way their parents had, made them “a force to be reckoned with.”

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Three years on, we are revisiting the Elastic Generation, this time turning our focus on women. They are hitting their fifties, sixties and even seventies and realising they might have decades of life left. Elastic Generation women are living according to how they feel rather than how they ought, whether that means divorcing or dating, travelling or starting a business. As decision-makers, entrepreneurs, caregivers and creators, Elastic Generation women continue to push the boundaries and upend the status quo. Ever the generation of rebels, they are reinventing life past fifty, as they forge the path others will follow.

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This new report, based on original primary research, aims to uncover these rich new seams of opportunity by shining a light on this complex and diverse group. We have identified a number of trends which reflect the multifaceted nature of Elastic Generation women. While every woman is an individual, these are helpful themes and territories to start building understanding. And they point to enormous potential for innovation by brands that welcome and engage women in this group. From fashion to finance, from healthcare to leisure, brands in a multitude of categories have much to gain by thinking Elastic.

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There are 14 trends covered in the report. Highlights include:

Booming Tech: JWT research finds that Elastic women are sick of negative stereotypes about them when it comes to technology: 73% say they hate the way their generation is patronised when it comes to tech while 78% express no desire to buy technology that is especially designed for older people. It’s time for brands to forget the digital native myth – these women were there in tech’s infancy.

Audacious Style: Over two thirds (69%) of Elastic women think the fashion industry ignores people their age while a massive 82% think that the clothes that are aimed at them are “way too old-fashioned.” Style is ageless so we must shift the narrative that focuses on youth and celebrate the self-knowledge that comes with age.

Ageless Retail: Ageless experiential retail can deliver a winning shopping experience for all. We found that 54% of Elastic women say their favourite shop is good because it welcomes people of all ages and sizes while 50% like it because it’s pleasant to wander around. It’s important for brands to take an age-agnostic approach and consider adding experiential elements to their stores, creating a ‘third space’ that appeals to women of all ages.

Download Elastic Generation: The Female Edit here.

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