Featuring Ulrika Karlberg, co-founder of Herb Essentials and Jason Lazar, founder of Hemponair.

Our second episode, or X, explores the future of Cannabis – a market which is rapidly exploding and giving way to a wave of creative entrepreneurs shifting our perception of Cannabis, CBD oil, Hemp and more – with a host of new promises and propositions. Here Cannabis products being positioned as a luxury commodity, a lifestyle good, a wellness tool, a pet relaxant and more. In beauty, cannabis is being touted as the latest anti-inflammatory ingredient. Meanwhile, cannabis nano sprays are being marketed to moms as a calming aid (and alternative to a glass of chardonnay) before the school run. The perception of the typical cannabis user, in the same breath, is also evolving from dorm students and hippy baby boomers to sophisticated, urban, affluent consumers. What’s next in the Cannabis economy? More, that we know for sure. Not least as Canada becomes the first country to make recreational use legal. But will its traditional uses be the big hit? Signs are, that edibles, sprays, and less socially divisive propostions will be the bigger sensation than joints. We’ll explore all here.

Listen in as we meet Ulrika Karlberg, co-founder of Herb Essentials, a skincare brand that engineer their products around the unique beneficial properties of the Cannabis plant. We also have Jason Lazar, founder of Hemponair, a cannabis lifestyle platform who joins us for the second half of the show.

JWT Ulrika Karlberg
Ulrika Karlberg
Jason Lazar

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