Designboom describes a new art series that highlights plastic pollution by reinterpreting famous still life paintings with modern elements.

–Pokemon’s newest venture, Pokemon Sleep, aims to gamify sleep and “reward good sleep habits,” writes The New York Times.

–Burnout is now classified as a diagnosable condition by the World Health Organization, with symptoms like “increased mental distance from one’s job,” reports The Cut.

–Street art is going digital; a new animated mural in London is only viewable online or through an app, shares Designboom.

–Aivan is exploring the future of product design with their new experimental headphones made from fungus, yeast-based plastic and other microbially grown substances. Via Dezeen.

–Gucci is taking a strong stand in support of women’s abortion rights with their Cruise 2020 collection, which features pieces like a jacket emblazoned with “my body, my choice,” writes Harper’s Bazaar. For more on woke luxury, see trend #73 in The Future 100: 2019.

–Airstream has launched a new platform targeting millennials that is “part travel magazine and part e-commerce shop,” reveals Curbed.

–Luxury beauty brands are turning their attention to children with skincare lines for kids, reports Glossy.

i-D explores how female athletes are becoming social media’s newest influencers.

–Google, a company praised for its workplace culture, reportedly employs more temporary and contract workers than salaried staff. Via Fast Company.

–Uber has announced that it will deactivate riders with a below average rating, announces The Verge. For more on universal review culture, see trend #95 in The Future 100: 2019.

–China has unveiled designs for a floating bullet train capable of traveling up to 600km per hour, which is scheduled to begin commercial production in 2021, shares Designboom.

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