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Online Marketplaces

How to get started and scale up fast



Marketplaces - the time is now!

The customer journey increasingly begins and ends on a marketplace, as the Future Shopper 2020 report has discovered. It doesn’t take a wild guess to figure that a lot of potential revenue is lost due to not being present, or only lightly present, on an online marketplace such Amazon or eBay. Yet there are many brands, wholesalers and retailers still to engage either fully or partially with marketplaces. And that’s costly!

In this whitepaper, Wunderman Thompson Commerce presents the information you need when starting out, to run a successful marketplace operation, including recommendations for every step of the journey.

Go where your customers are

You must be present where your customers are; and where they shop is on marketplaces, with 35% of all online sales in UK, and 52% in US through Amazon alone.

Whilst starting to selling on marketplaces requires a new mindset, with vision, skill, resources and a plan, with the help of this guide, anyone can make the move a successful one.

Regardless of the challenge, a marketplace solution typically revolvesaround three elements – people, processes and technology.

Online Marketplaces

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