New UK, US and China research into the changing landscape of retail peaks at a time when online growth continues unabated.

Black Friday and Singles’ Day have increasingly become the sales events of the year, encouraging millions of us to part with even more of our money as we - deal-hungry shoppers - buy presents for loved ones and gifts for ourselves.

But just how much are we spending? Where are we spending it? Who are we spending it with? Why are we spending it? And how is our spending changing?

Our consumer survey responses present a clear indication of what retailers, brands and marketplaces must consider as we head towards peak 2021. As they say, forewarned is forearmed!

Download this new research-backed report to find out what’s in store for Peak 2021, read expert opinions on how to sell more and discover:

  • The new peak purchase behaviours and categories
  • Why Peak 2021 is set to see even greater online spend
  • What's stopping consumers from spending more
  • The technical challenges for online retailers
  • Which brands and retailers inspired Black Friday shoppers across UK, US and China
  • What came to the rescue and saved our Christmas
  • Why China is ahead of the West online (think social)
  • Expert opinions on how to succeed

Download the report!

Sneak Peak UK

Sneak Peak USA

Sneak Peak China

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