It's time for brands to rethink their growth strategy

With the world on the brink of a recession, a pandemic fresh in our minds, and a war raging in Europe, it’s no surprise that the Collins English Dictionary recently declared ‘permacrisis’ as its word of the year.

As we adapt to the new normal, where the only certainty is uncertainty, it's time to start planning for chaos. How? By understanding why it's happening, and finding ways to guide your brand through it without doing irreparable harm.

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Get to grips with ‘Planning for Chaos’ by understanding what we can learn from past recessions, why this time is different, and how brands can reframe their thinking to survive and thrive despite ongoing disruption.

With six key points to help you recognise and navigate the long-term challenge, rather than the immediate crisis, this report will show the potential to gain from disorder, spot the unexpected opportunities for growth; even to win an unfair lead when others around you lose their footing.

Download your copy of 'Planning for Chaos', your essential guide to brand planning when the only certainty is uncertainty

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