While many organizations are wrestling with their marketplace strategies and selling D2C, the tech giants are busy investing in hardware, new interfaces, and even space.
It's therefore vital that businesses and their leaders anticipate what's coming. However, most are so focused on hitting their next results and survival that they simply don't have the time to future-gaze...

Planning for this future is vital - it's what will keep businesses relevant in decades to come.

So we pooled the insights, opinions and plans of 500+ commerce leaders across the UK and US to find out just how ready they are.

We looked at what makes them tick as both leaders and consumers – and examined key areas of conflict, confusion and inspiration that our data uncovered, from the future-readiness of their thinking and strategies, to their views on the retail giants, to how they hope to plan to appeal to the next generation of customers, and much more.

The future couldn't come soon enough

Are commerce leaders learning from past digital project fails?

The leading reasons for failure

The Amazon relationship

The rise and rise of omnichannel

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