Intersectional Environmentalism: The understanding that to effectively tackle climate change, we must simultaneously address inequality within society. Coined by intersectional activist Leah Thomas.

Carbonomics: The yoking of business success to sustainable actions like carbon emission elimination.

Generation Regen: A rising generation defined by its outspoken and unapologetic sustainable ethos.

Blue Carbon: Carbon that is naturally absorbed by marine and coastal ecosystems—and a secret solution to climate change, according to some scientists.

New Biophilia: Next gen nature-centric design, informed by a growing appreciation that human and planetary health are intertwined.

Fempreneurs: The female entrepreneurs supercharging sustainable business.

Eco-nudges: Small changes to a brand's packaging and labeling that encourage sustainable behaviors.

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We are poised on the brink of a regenerative future.
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Generation Regen

Coming of age in a climate emergency has made generation Z unapologetically outspoken and impatient for change.
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