–The Superflex is a new robo-suit that can return “intelligent wearable strength” and mobility to the elderly. Via the Verge.

–In related news, the clothing of the future is already here. Why can’t Hollywood’s futuristic fashion keep up? Via Racked.

–Is universal basic income the solution to job automation? We’ll find out in 2017, writes the MIT Technology Review.

–”Say no to television, patriotism, political ideologies”: How streetwear brands are returning to the genre’s political roots. Via High Snobiety.

The Independent looks at how women will be portrayed in 2017, citing The Innovation Group’s Future 100 trend report.

–Need some inspiration for 2017? AdAge rounds up the 50 most creative people of the year.

–Airports could be the next frontier of the wellness shift, with an onslaught of fresh food options and even gyms. Via Well + Good.

–A pop-up shop for Thrive, Arianna Huffington’s latest startup, is selling gadgets in NY that promote breaking the tech addiction. Via Recode.

–Read the annual year-end predictions of the future of online media, from the CEO of BuzzFeed. Via Recode.

–As higher education evolves, “the whole landscape of space use is undergoing a radical transformation.” Via Dezeen.

–The global education technology market stands to reach $252 billion by 2020, and VR will play an important role. Via Techcrunch.

–Dubai’s latest attraction? A massive amusement park—in the desert. Via Skift.

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