Inspiring creative sparks a human connection that increases interest, engagement and creates an emotional bond.

Sherlock AI is a creative testing and design platform that measures authentic human engagement and emotive response to elevate creative effectiveness.

Sherlock AI Final Oct 2021

A Partnership of AI & Creative


There are 42 muscles in a person’s face. And every single movement, no matter how subtle or small represents a reaction and an emotion. Even unconsciously; even when we are alone, our faces react to what we see.

Sherlock AI enables brands tap into Consumer’s System 1 thinking and Observe split-second reactions to ads from opening to end frame measuring levels of attention, emotional attachment.

We understand when the viewer is feeling joy, sadness, anger, excitement, delight and more. And can test different creative constructs and biases to improve attention and elevate emotive response.

Benefits to Our Brands

The Creative process, from inspiration to design and execution, benefits from a collaboration of creators and consumers. Sherlock AI complements and evolves traditional creative testing practices. Through our partnership with research first like YouGov, Sherlock AI taps into a research tools layering in Neuro-science practices with ML practices that can guide creative development and model design. Brands can test creative planforms and quickly test, learn, iteration and optimize creative design features for execution, adapting to consumers by market or community.

Making Sherlock AI work for you

Sherlock AI is a simple to use tool designed for planners and creatives alike. You do not need to be a data scientist to tap into the AI learnings from Sherlock AI or setup tests.

Sherlock AI is quick and easy to use with average time of 24 to 48 hours start to finish to complete a survey

Sherlock AI Pricing

Sherlock AI pricing is based on usage allowing brands of all sizes to benefit.

Pricing is based on access to the tool and an additional cost for access to consumer research panels. Costs for access to research panels varies by number of ads tested, length of ads, and umber of survey questions. Typical survey cost is $5.00 to $6.50 per complete. Brands can also provide their list of consumers to test with condition that WT privacy policy language be added to the brand’s invitation to participate in testing.

Special pricing is granted for pitches. With approval, us of the tool is free for pitches however that can be Costs for access to research panels. Alternatively, offices can procure their own list of testers.

Our Team

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Sherlock AI was designed by WundermanThompson APAC to enable creatives and planners throughout the WPP network access to AI & Neuomarketing tools.

Sherlock AI is part of a broader AI toolkit founded on Vision and Voice AI dedicated to the idea of democratizing access to consumer insights and truths.

To learn more about Sherlock AI or its sister tools, or how to contribute, kindly contact us at OpenAI@wundermanthompson.com

Please provide your contact information to continue. Detailed information on the processing of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy. (in particular the "How Do We Use It?" Section).

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