The sky is no longer the limit as the final frontier becomes the next battleground for commercial dominance.

Over the past few years, the commercialization of space has taken some significant steps forward.

The space race is no longer limited to governmental bodies and space agencies - billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk have become the new major players. Their collective desire to use space for commercial advantage, once an unobtainable concept, is fast becoming a reality.

It is therefore no longer unrealistic to consider the possibility of building infrastructure in space, that will enable corporations to sell new and better products and services to customers, or to service them in faster, more efficient ways.

But why should consumers care about space commerce? Why should earth-bound businesses sit up and take note? How will it change the way we produce, order, warehouse and distribute in the future?

Including the opinions of 4,210 consumers across the UK and US, we seek to investigate the answers to all these questions.

Get ready for a new era of commerce – space commerce!

Key callouts

  • 56% of consumers believe that space commerce is possible.
  • 63% of consumers would pay a premium for products from space that could increase the potential for a healthier or longer life
  • 55% of consumers saying that they would be happy to pay a premium for a product from space if it arrived faster
  • 24% of consumers believe that Elon Musk is in the driving seat to win the race for space commerce
  • 46% agreeing that the commercialisation of space could act as a destabilizing force to peace and cooperation on earth
  • 47% saying that they would be happy to apply for a job away from earth
  • 36% believe that the billionaires’ foray into space is for their own benefit

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