–Allbirds is using sugarcane to replace the petroleum-based product typically used in shoe soles, reports WWD.

–That Lady Thing is a pop-up in San Francisco using the platform of the instagrammable exhibit as an opportunity to discuss sexism and women’s issues, shares The Guardian.

–Google wants to help smartphone users disengage with the new Digital Wellbeing kit on Android, which offers controls that encourage users to put down their phones. Via Fast Company.

–Luxury brands like Gucci are beginning to enter the homewares industry, as they aim to become more encompassing lifestyle brand, writes Business of Fashion.

The New York Times explores the current generation in China growing up without Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

–With an increase in vacancy, malls are offering their spaces to online retailers and startups to use as coworking spaces or test stores. Digiday investigates.

–Reebok has engineered a sports bra that can provide more or less support depending on the wearer’s movement. Via Engadget.

–Is Alexa putting news diversity at risk? Slate dives into the implications as more people depend on smart speakers for their news.

–Good Catch has developed a plant-based fish alternative as consumers continue to seek foods that are friendly to animals and the environment, announces Well + Good.

–British online bank Monzo is teaching financial responsibility with a new bank account specifically created for 16-18 year olds, explains Fast Company.

–Nearly 10 years after Uber first launched, New York City has become the first major hub to cap service in an attempt to regulate the booming ride-hail industry. The Wall Street Journal investigates.

–CVS breaks into telemedicine with a new app offering 24/7 virtual healthcare, discusses Forbes.

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