Travelers are looking for vacations brimming with experiences tucked into every moment of their time away from wherever they call home. For luxury travelers, that means cutting down on travel time to make every second count, or turning the journey itself into part of the fun.

New high-speed jets are getting business and pleasure travelers to their destinations in record time. The world’s fastest private jet by Bombardier flies faster than the speed of sound. The Global 8000 also uses sustainable aviation fuel, and will fly commercial guests in a luxurious cabin at just under the speed of sound when it takes official flight in 2025.

WEB vistajet global 7500 from above
The VistaJet Global 7500, courtesy of VistaJet.

Bombardier’s Global 7500, which began flights with VistaJet in March, flies at high-speeds at a higher altitude than a standard flight. Leona Qi, President of VistaJet US, tells Wunderman Thompson Intelligence that the addition of the Global 7500 fleet compliments the brand's "unparalleled bespoke services" and adds to VistaJet's "luxury of endless travel possibilities." It’s equipped with four living spaces, a private bedroom, a large gallery and eating area, and circadian rhythm-based lighting for a full-fledged luxurious and restorative journey in the sky.

Phantom Ranch, a self-described “Destination Hotel” in the Grand Canyon, is the only lodging available within the 277-mile Canyon itself. The purpose of each traveler’s stay is to embrace and enjoy the journey to get there. After miles of hiking, guests can rest in reserved cabins dug into the mountainside and catered by mule trains.

Launched in May, Brevity is a new app that caters to modern itinerary-filled excursions. An “immersion platform,” as described in the app store, it curates custom luxury vacations with itineraries that allow for work and pleasure on travelers’ busy journeys. Experts design the entire trip for subscribing members, ensuring that every event is unique and personalized.

Consumers are maxing out their holidays with as much entertainment, rest and rejuvenation as possible, looking for elevated luxury travel accommodations at every stop on their journey. These planning and travel brands are taking note to ensure that luxury travelers can get to their destinations quickly while enjoying the journey itself.

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