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The Amazon Impact - Compete, Collaborate or both?

How working with the eCommerce giant can bring rich rewards


Amazon scares retail brands because they do not know whether to compete or collaborate. Brands that want to retain control of their own eCommerce operations are faced with Amazon’s dominance of the market. And the more Amazon grows, the harder it will be for brands to find their own space in eCommerce.

Eric Heller has helped over 400 brands on their Amazon strategy presence. In this report, he draws on his deep experience to offer insight into how working with, and outside, the ecommerce giant Amazon can bring rich rewards, and presents the most effective strategy for brands. In acknowledging the hesitancy that surrounds Amazon, Eric shows that working with the eCommerce giant can bring rich rewards. He demonstrates that instead of thinking in terms of competing or collaborating with Amazon, the best strategy for many brands is to do both.

You want to be everywhere the customer is buying, which is still across multiple channels. You want to manage your channel mix, and you want to maintain control. On Amazon, it is hard to maintain control, but only by engaging can you manage the customer dialogue, your brand reputation, and retain ownership of your listings.

Eric Heller

Chief Knowledge Officer, WPP Center of Excellence for Amazon (North America)

The Amazon Impact

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