In the quest to achieve ultimate happiness, Americans embark on exhausting, expensive self-help seminars, meditation retreats, workplace wellness programs, and endless positive self-talk—and yet they are more anxious than ever before.

A May 2018 American Psychiatric Association poll showed that the United States national anxiety score, which is rated from zero to 100, had jumped five points from the previous year, with millennials exhibiting the deepest anxiety.

“The Anxiety Economy” report explores how instability and disruption are having a profound impact on culture and emerging trends. Behavior driven by fear, from the extreme (and the paranoid) to the more justified, is creating new market opportunities as consumers seek to navigate the storm.

This 45-page report includes:

  • Seven sector analysis, including workplace wellbeing, food fears, home security, marketing truths and technology
  • A global look on how the Anxiety Economy is affecting US, UK and China
  • Creative expressions from fashion to advertising that speaks to the anxious consumer
  • Bespoke expert viewpoints integrated into the research
  • Five key takeaways to learn from the Anxiety Economy

The Anxiety Economy

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