Senior in income and age, Silver Economy consumers are often the overlooked shoppers in today’s commerce landscape. Casting our net across 17 international markets, we explore how instrumental this demographic is in retail today and how brands and retailers can support the older generation of shoppers.

With data taken from our Future Shopper 2021 research, The Forgotten Shopper is specifically focused on analyzing and understanding the shopping habits, preferences and behaviors of global consumers aged 55 and over, exploring how they have adapted to online channels when faced with no other choice during the pandemic, and how and where they intend to shop in the future. We will shed light on these shoppers so often overlooked by brands and retailers when shaping their online offering and explain why sidelining such a crucial market can have a detrimental impact on a business’s success.

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Accelerated by the pandemic, The Forgotten Shopper is now more digitally dependent and more comfortable using technology:

Flipping the stereotype, these shoppers are NOT digitally averse.

On the contrary, the Forgotten Shopper is omni-channel:

The Forgotten Shopper is price aware but happy to spend large online!

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