Ten words you need to know in 2021, adapted from The Future 100: 2021

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The Metaverse: An immersive, shared virtual environment that converges multiple realities (augmented, virtual, physical, etc.) for a place to gather, socialize and work.

Digital nutrition: The targeted consumption of content in order to release specific neurotransmitters and aid in emotional regulation and physical wellbeing.

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Tūla + Tye

Micropreneurs: The budding entrepreneurs turning side hustles into startups.

Gametainment: A new breed of gaming cinema blurring the lines between the computer screen and the silver screen.

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Plantlife, courtesy of Trevor Dines

Rewilding: A process of restoring ecosystems to the point where nature takes over, in an effort to counteract climate change, improve biodiversity and restore natural resilience.

Shecession: An economic decline disproportionately impacting women.

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Vilnius airport

Flexperiences: The creative repurposing of existing venues and assets for adaptable and agile use.

Climatarian: The practice of eating for environmental health.

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Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Workcation: A new class of travel blending business and leisure, fueled by the acceleration of flexible and remote work.

Calmtainment: The emerging content format bringing mindfulness to streaming platforms.

For more, download The Future 100: 2021.

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