2022 arrives loaded with great trends that will shake and change the Latin American landscape. "The Future 100: 2022 LATAM" is in charge of compiling these trends, exploring and investigating them and thus being prepared for everything that may come.

Adapted from “The Future 100: 2022,” "The Future 100: 2022 LATAM" compiles the trends that are most relevant in the Latin American market, to help brands and marketers navigate the year ahead.

Join us on this journey into the near future, where the metaverse is part of our daily lives, perceptions of beauty are seen from a new perspective and the digital world is stronger than ever, creating a hopeful future full of possibility. Welcome to “The Future 100: 2022 LATAM.”


“The Future 100: 2022 LATAM” explores 18 key trends for Latin America in 2022. Some highlights are:​


9 Metasocieties

The Internet is entering a new stage. A mixed reality is brewing, with immersive 3D environments and physical-digital identities reflecting a new hybrid era for social interactions.


1 Cryptonomy

Economic decentralization. Recent moves by major financial and political players may be raising the status of digital currencies as a legitimate and accessible payment option.

An inclusive beauty concept

2 The disappearance of normal beauty New

One word at a time. A new inclusive lexicon is redefining the beauty industry, making room for more individualized and accepting expressions and interpretations of beauty.


Sin título 3 Recuperado

The world in the palm of your hand. When extreme adventure and traditional travel aren't possible, microadventures are proving to be a popular and satisfying trade-off for an outdoor getaway.

Mycological retreats

3 Mycological retreats New

A journey of self-exploration. Luxury travelers seek not only a physical escape and comforts, but also a deep mental and psychological reset.

Euphoric Ads

Sin título 5 Recuperado

The business of optimism. Moments of joy keep spirits high on advertising and brand engagement.


7 Metawork New

The future of work has arrived. The way we connect, live, and work is being transformed by the metaverse.

Gen Z Workforce

8 Gen Z Workforce New

A new generation of workers. Brands are refocusing their recruiting strategies to attract Gen Z employees and retain them long-term.

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