Ten words you need to know in 2022, adapted from the Future 100: 2022.

WEB Meta Horizon 02
Meta Horizons

Metasocieties: Growing virtual communities that nurture connection, collaboration and discovery.

Cryptonomics: A budding crypto-based economy as cryptocurrencies gain traction.

Puritech: Innovative biotechnology solutions combating the effects of air pollution via interactive public installations.

WEB 02 Fokawolf04 Bristol2020 WEB 1
A car parody ad by Brandalism

Brandalism: Vandalism for good that is hijacking ad space to expose brands’ misdeeds and demand they do better.

Shecovery: The introduction of corporate programs and initiatives to optimize the workplace for women in the face of the shecession.

WEB 08 LOOK4 STILL V02 midreverse
Digital fashion house The Fabricant with PUMA

Direct-to-avatar: The next iteration of business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail models; brands are releasing digital products direct to screens.

NFT elites: A new class of VIPs elevating ownable digital assets as virtual status signifiers.

WEB 309321 Dream 2021 set up shots 2021
Dream by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Liminal spaces: An emerging breed of physical spaces overlaid with digital elements.

Microforests: Rewilded public, urban spaces for connection, community, and biodiversity.

Genuinfluencers: Coined by WGSN, influential figures that inspire their following by being relatable rather than inspirational.

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