Ten terms to know in 2023.

Joyconomy: a movement of brand and consumer enthusiasm for elevated expressionism, positivity, and forward-thinking advancements across industries.

Situationships: mutually temporary relationships that fill an emotional need or compliment a lifestyle change that allows for ever-shifting boundaries from both parties.

The superself: an all-encompassing wellness lifestyle that sees people centering their lives on the betterment of their mental and physical health.

Rewirement: retirement, reestablished for workers who want to pursue personal passions and rediscover themselves.

Hospital-ity: healthcare and hospitality practices combined to cater to the super-health-conscious traveler.

Two avatars sit in lounge chairs by a pool in a digitized environment.
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Digital nesting: established liminal lifestyle and home spaces that incorporate digital and physical habits and commodities.

Climate optimism: a meaningful, positive response to anxiety over climate change.

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Techcessibility: accessible designs in tech that include necessary adjustments and considerations for marginalized groups.

Unretirement: to return to work post-retirement for economic stability and meaningful social interaction.

Cryptoclubs: member-based digital communities that unlock exclusive opportunities for the crypto-elite.

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