33% Less Cookies

The death of the 3rd Party Cookie is going to fundamentally change the execution of digital media and reshapes the customer experience.

Third-party cookies enable advertisers and marketers to track browsing behavior across websites and measure the impact of their campaigns. In the past, this data was all available to sell to the highest bidder, but in response to growing demand for more stringent protection of browsing data, services like this will be shut down.

First-party data however, which is data collected directly from customers, will be key. So it's time to adapt your marketing strategy. Start future-proofing your marketing and advertising campaigns, by responding to rapidly changing expectations around privacy and data security. Download this report to learn:

  • How anonymized data can track user behavior without compromising on privacy
  • How to build stronger customer relationships with first party data
  • Why a fresh approach to personalization boosts engagement rates and revenue

Please provide your contact information to continue. Detailed information on the processing of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy. (in particular the "How Do We Use It?" Section).

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