What do people in the region expect in terms of shopping experience or speed of delivery? How does our D2C perform concerning channel preferences when making a purchase? Are we capitalizing on the growth of new channels or purchasing behaviors in the region?

The report addresses the measurement of online transactions in the region and looks at experience factors, loyalty, and alternative channels such as gaming or social networks.

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The two aspects of most significant importance (70%) when purchasing for the shopper in LATAM are the item’s price and the precise product description.

Now, to the well-known equation of knowing our audience, having a good idea, and impacting the correct touch points, a new need has been created to integrate different marketing and communications disciplines into the experience circuits that enhance our campaign or product stories, allowing us to measure our actions and create emotional links between brands and consumers.

Sergio Pinzón

BXA Director​, Wunderman Thompson Colombia

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