As gaming platforms, esports and immersive gaming technologies continue to explode in popularity across the world, they present a plethora of opportunities for brands, retail and more.

While headlines continue to abound about Silicon Valleywood—Hollywood’s merging with Silicon Valley—and the explosion of branded podcasts and audio content, from Audible to original Spotify shows, another expanding key entertainment channel has been relatively underexposed: the giant, global world of gaming. This, however, is all set to change, as Google, Apple and Microsoft announce major moves into the industry.

Gaming technology can now be seen everywhere, with platforms and games embraced globally by consumers en masse. Gaming mechanics are being wrapped into mainstream entertainment, luxury retail and more.

This 50-page report includes:

  • Eight sector analysis, including gaming platforms as the ultimate marketing channel, gamified retail landscapes, and the culture of gaming
  • Key stats charting the uprise in gaming globally and across different platforms
  • Insight into different technology that lends itself to gaming, retail and more—including AR, VR, mixed reality and holograms
  • Analysis into why brands are keen to integrate gaming
  • 10 key takeaways to learn from the Gaming Universe

The Gaming Universe

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