What will adulthood mean in 2020? The New Adulthood reveals a new and unique cohort shaping growing up: the New Adults.

Previously called Xennials, midults and more, New Adults span the youngest members of Gen X and the oldest millennials—a group of 30 to 45-year-olds with more in common with each other than with other labels. Though New Adults spent the last decade on the rollercoaster started by the financial crisis, they’re now growing up, settling down, and pushing back against the status quo.

The New Adulthood explores the identity of the New Adult, including values, motivations, and engagement. Included are key takeaways for brands, who can no longer afford to overlook this influential demographic.

This report includes:

  • 23 pages of original infographics from a survey of 1,755 US and 1,768 UK consumers conducted by SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary research tool
  • Twelve case studies profiling the New Adult sub-types, including the Second City Family, the New Adult Backpackers, and the Xennial Single
  • Exclusive interviews with experts in travel, retail, marketing and more
  • Key brand takeaways from each section

Topics covered include:

  • Technology. A look at the tech fluency and social media engagement of the last group of digital non-natives
  • Business. How do New Adults work, and what motivates them?
  • Beauty and Lifestyle. The rise of wellness and health in New Adults, as well as their beauty spend.
  • Finance. New Adults are responsible savers, not rash spenders. Are financial brands reaching them?
  • Media and Culture. A look at what this demographic is watching, listening to, and reading.
  • Politics. A profile of this highly-engaged block of future civic leaders.
  • Luxury. Is quality overriding quantity for this new tribe? Plus, how New Adults respond to luxury advertising
  • And more

JWT New Adulthood

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