A burgeoning ethical paradox is plaguing consumers, lawmakers and brands. The data powering the smart technologies credited with improving people’s lives is now the culprit in an avalanche of cybersecurity threats, privacy scandals and the controversial practices of Silicon Valley giants.

This has far-reaching implications for everything from popular culture to public health to politics and policy, and even the fight against climate change. For years, tech companies operated in largely uncharted waters, but the race is on to get a handle on the future of data. Welcome to the privacy era, where addressing the impact of a personal-information free-for-all is an urgent priority.

The report explores a new value exchange, an evolving rulebook for brands, a repositioning of the digital identity as tantamount to the physical being and emerging forms of digital self-care.

The 71-page report includes:

  • In-depth analysis of key trends
  • Interviews with experts and entrepreneurs in the field
  • Bespoke data from a survey on consumer attitudes towards data privacy and security
  • 12 tips and takeaways for brands

The Privacy Era

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