According to Anu Duggal, Founding Partner of the Female Founders Fund, "the women's health space is one of the most promising areas of investment with women controlling 80% of all healthcare buying and usage decisions in a $3.5 trillion healthcare industry.” A topic once hushed, menopause and its affects on women in the workplace is receiving public acknowledgement and corporate attention, leading to menotech product innovation and investment in this expanding industry.

  • The Netflix series Bombay Begums stars a 49 year old female lead dealing with menopause symptoms in a corporate setting. Released in March, the series conveys the lengths to which women will hide the uncomfortable symptoms that menopause incurs.
  • In May, the UK women’s rights charity Fawcett Society surveyed workers across London to better understand how symptoms of menopause and attitudes from employers affect women’s career prospects and the greater economy. Survey responses came from employees from Barclays, EY, HSBC, PwC and others from the Financial Services Skills Commission in London. The results, which should be released by end of this year, “will be key to raising awareness and helping companies identify and deliver more targeted solutions” for women in the workforce, BNY Mellon’s Susan Revell told the Guardian.
WEB Kindra Products
Kindra products
  • Modern wellness brand Kindra raised $4.5 million to grow their menopause wellness brand in June, indicative of the growing interest and need for similar solutions. The brand will further develop their products, menopausal information, and community in the immediate future.
  • Stella, which launched this summer, is an app developed by doctors that provides science-backed menopause treatment for all who need it. Their offering includes specialist advice, consultations, and treatments delivered to your door. Similarly, Alva, launched in January 2020, offers consultations to prescribe personalized treatment plans and ongoing support for menopausal individuals. Designed by doctors and leading menopause experts, their regulated medical device follows the UK NICE guidelines for menopausal care.
  • In May 2020, startup Grace received a $450,000 grant to develop a cooling bracelet to detect hot flashes and deliver cooling sensations when they occur at any hour of the day. A 2019 finalist for the Morgan Innovation and Technology prize, the discreet yet stylish bracelet is being praised as a forward thinking solution to a very common problem.
WEB 1 Grace Context
Grace cooling bracelet

The UK Office for National Statistics reported that women over 50 make up 13% of their workforce, meaning 130,000 employees in their national financial services alone may be dealing with menopause or menopausal transitions at any given time. Now that public statistics are accessible and cultural focus has shifted to destigmatize menopausal symptoms, talk and demand for solutions is at the forefront of healthcare investment initiatives.

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