Transcendent Retail—an Innovation Group report created in partnership with WWD, the leading fashion, beauty and retail authority—explores a retail landscape in which retail has transcended all its traditional boundaries.

As retailers adjust to a mobile-first world, technology is accelerating the pace of channel change. Consumers are entering an era of intuitive retail, where commerce is spoken and may soon even be worn in clothing, or embedded into bodies. And experience culture continues to challenge retail’s brick-and-mortar foundations.

This report includes:

New channels. We look at the ever-changing interfaces through which retail is being conducted. Today’s AI-enabled speakers are only getting smarter, with new products like the Amazon Echo Look. Meanwhile, future channels like connected cars and voice-activated furniture are on the horizon.

The future of experience. Experience remains a crucial channel for consumers. Nine innovative case studies, from pop-ups to in-store installations, shows where the Experience Economy is heading next.

China deep dive. Following last year’s research, we again present an in-depth look at one of the world’s most dynamic digital commerce markets.

SONAR™ data. This report also contains 35 pages of infographics created from a survey of 1,000 US and 1,000 Chinese consumers, conducted by J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary research tool.

JWT Transcendent Retail

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