Making every experience shoppable is the new retail holy grail. Brands and retailers need to deliver richer narratives that seamlessly weave content with commerce functionality throughout the user journey.

Today, as businesses accelerate and power up their online ecommerce operations, this has never been more vital. But how should brands and retailers go about it?

Just 18% of online consumers look for inspiration on branded sites (down from 33% in 2019). For the search phase, this percentage is up to 33%, but when it comes to actually purchasing, just 15% transact on branded sites. With half of these consumers being lost to other channels, that’s an alarming attrition rate. Something needs to be done – but what?

This new report addresses the what and how so that organisations can grasp the critical need for shoppable content and experience-based commerce, and know where to focus to bring both to life on their websites.

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