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Values over valuables - the report

A 30 page report on how people want to spend their time and money beyond lockdown


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We’ve found that people’s values have shifted over the last three months. Lockdown has highlighted that we’re all quite good at getting by on less than we thought, and the things that matter to us most are closer to home than we realised.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is an event without precedent in living memory. This crisis has affected everyone, regardless of background or means.

How are people’s lives being affected? How are they feeling? And what might be the long-term consequences? How will people want to spend their time and their money going forward? When it comes to the future – which seems increasingly precarious - what are the country’s hopes and expectations?

In our new UK study, ‘Values over Valuables,’ we uncover how values are changing as a result of the pandemic.

A preference for rewarding experiences over material goods is accelerating, as people place more value on the simple things. Human connection is paramount and the world around us more precious as concerns over material possessions and self-image fall away. We’re seeing a rise in togetherness and community, as well as aspirations towards building a better society. Here, brands are coming under sharp scrutiny, as consumers expect them to play a role in tackling the crisis and getting the country back on its feet.

Download the report below to understand how the UK sees its future now and how brands can help make it a reality.

Values over valuables

Download our report on how people in the UK want to spend their time and money beyond lockdown

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