Check out which headlines caught our eye this week:

  • A court in Columbia is taking its next hearing in the metaverse, via Reuters.
  • As Americans work from home, workers in Europe and Asia are commuting back into the office, via The Wall Street Journal.
  • Swiss sneaker brand On opened a "shoppable science museum" on London's Regent Street, its first shop in the UK, via Dezeen.
  • Shiseido launches the world's first AI-powered NFT program in beauty, via Jing Daily.
  • Haekels Academy opens in Margate with skincare courses that focus on treating skin of color, via Wallpaper.
  • Snapchat and Meta are introducing new AI tools to social media, via Digiday.
  • The Biden Administration is giving federal agencies 30 days to ban TikTok, via ABC News.
  • TikTok will set a one-hour daily screen time limit by default for users under the age of 18, via CNN.
  • Lego released toy figures that "celebrate diverse friendships in the modern world," via Dezeen.
  • Instacart is adding ChatGPT bots to its grocery shopping app, via The Wall Street Journal.

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