Here are ten headlines that caught our eye this week.

  • "Resimerical" work sanctuaries that combine residential and commercial office features are at the forefront of a wave of office peacocking, per Worklife, and several offices are implementing money-saving perks including car charging, dog hotels, wellbeing zones, and more according to the BBC.
  • Leaders in the beauty industry are prioritizing loyalty, and de-influencers are leading the way, via Glossy.
  • Neuroscents from Boy Smells and Kin Euphorics are candles created to elevate consumers' mood and emotions according to WWD, the latest example of functional fragrance in beauty and wellness.
  • The "Women's Sportsvolution" continues as members of women's basketball league dominate NIL brand deals, per AdAge.
  • AI will "change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care, and communicate with each other," Bill Gates said in a blog post on Tuesday, reported by the BBC. Check out our write up on how AI is rebranding for the next generation of technological advancements.
  • New gaming frontiers are flourishing. Netflix announced plans to release 40 more games this year according to TechCrunch, and Microsoft announced plans to build a mobile gaming app to rival Apple and Google according to the Financial Times.
  • Generation regen's demands were confirmed by the UN's Climate Change 2023: Synthesis Report, released on Monday, which weighed heavily on the fashion industry's responsibility to halve emissions by 2030 in order to have a significant impact according to WWD. On Monday, Vogue Business considered whether it's time for fashion houses to hire a head of traceability.
  • And, a bonus headline: Microforests are getting a luxe push as Prada debuts its Forestami Academy, aimed at educating and empowering citizens in Milan about the benefits of urban forestation. Covered by WWD, the extended partnership is part of Prada Group's pledge to cultivate a more sustainable future.

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