New spaces dedicated to social, mental, and physical wellbeing are popping up across the US, meeting a growing consumer desire for wellness-centered community and holistic health practices.

A room of brown-beige couches, stretched along a long corridor of the same color with an arched ceiling.
Vitamin IV Suites, courtesy of Remedy Place

In New York City, Remedy Place opened in September as a self-described “social wellness club”—or what founder Dr. Jonathan Leary defined for Vogue as “a club that is temptation and toxin-free, that enhances health and social life at the same time.” Dr. Leary’s club offers a new type of space for socialization, for those who choose to avoid unhealthy drinking or overindulgence but want to maintain friendships and relationships in a social environment. “It needed not just to be self-care, but social self-care,” he told Vogue. Instead of fitness equipment, Remedy Place offers a plethora of wellness experiences and holistic health treatments that can be enjoyed with friends or alone. Ice baths and breath work, guided classes and saunas, acupuncture and vitamin IV suites are just a sample of the treatments available at the club.

A fitness room full of strength machines, decorated with yellow and orange stained glass walls and windows.

A wellness-centered third space opened in July in Los Angeles that is prioritizing high-design and an indulgent atmosphere. Heimat, a private fitness and lifestyle club, features a rooftop pool, a bootcamp studio, a Michelin-star restaurant, and a full-fledged spa in addition to its treadmills, yoga, spin and boxing class offerings. Guests can even visit the full bar—or take advantage of the IV drips available to counteract the drinking. Aesthetically, Heimat’s setting parallels its indulgent offering: waterfalls, extravagant lighting, flora and fauna, and bamboo floors give the club an intimate and luxurious feel.

Existing social club Soho House is branching into wellness by launching their own skincare line for guests in September. Soho Skin features a full skincare line of vegan, cruelty-free products made with science-backed ingredients for top-of-the-line beauty treatments. Guests at select Soho Houses receive a trial selection of products in their rooms, and can purchase additional and full-size products on-site, online, and at Bloomingdale’s in New York City starting in October.

These brands are offering consumers new spaces for wellness and socialization as focus on health and holistic wellbeing grows and evolves. “The most important part of self-care is human connection,” Dr. Leary told Vogue. “People need authentic relationships.”

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