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What do we want to see in this new normal? How can we better serve our customers?

Today, customers are demanding more than ever before, at the same time - our cultures, economies and technologies are rapidly evolving. During the pandemic's economic recovery phase, brands and marketers are laying the groundwork for new ways to think about age-old challenges and to find growth opportunities in unexpected places.

This is why we created Wunderman Thompson Field Notes.

To act as a guide in this ever-changing economic landscape, and to keep you at the forefront of business evolution.

The data, insights and expert commentary from diverse voices found in this guide are thought starters and a path toward connecting with people in real, authentic ways.

We have a wide variety of contributors including Janaya Kahn, International Ambassador for Black Lives Matter; Liya Shariff, Vice President of Marketing and Head of Brand, Qualcomm; Baratunde Thurston, Comedian, Writer and Cultural Critic; Dr. Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft; and Anil Chakravarthy, Executive Vice President, Digital Experience Business, Adobe. These Field notes are intended to be your guide to navigating change through the rest of this year and into next.

This guide is divided into the following four defining categories that act as a road map for your business.

The watershed moment that was 2020 set the stage for a paradigm shift—the pandemic, calls for racial justice, economic uncertainty and the climate crisis.

  • Four Forces Shaping the Next Phase
  • Old Lessons Are a Roadmap for Growth
  • The Path Toward Equity

New rules abound in this new normal. No one settles for average anymore, it’s time to rethink everything from CX and design thinking, to inspiration and Generation Z.

  • 10 New Rules for a Changed World
  • Through the Lens of Inspiration: A new way to measure growth
  • The Human Experience
  • Design Is the Competitive Advantage
  • Gen Z: Tapping into the Now Generation

Whether it’s the death of third-party cookies, hyper-personlisation, AI and creativity, these specialty products and insights are focused on driving growth through tangible results.

  • Hyper-Personalisation: What it means and why it matters
  • Live Commerce in China
  • A Brief Look at Ethics and Opportunity in a World Without Third-Party Cookies
  • Resolve: A Privacy-First Personalisation Technology
  • Will AI Replace Creativity?

As brands and businesses focus on recovery, what has changed? How can they foster an intentional culture guided by diverse, equitable and inclusive initiatives.

  • Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky on the Psychological Effects of a Year in Lockdown
  • Guideposts for an Inclusive, Equitable and Diverse Culture
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Wunderman Thompson created Field Notes to help marketers reject conventional thinking, see the world differently and build better experiences for their customers. Our intention is to help brands forge new paths to growth. As the world emerges from a strange and unexpected hiatus, we hope to help you transform your customer experiences for the better.

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